Our bootcamps and tours

Due to the way the program is being built, and the expected results, the bookings are for max 8  persons and for a period of 6 nights.

Everything boot camp starts on Sunday and ends with a Saturday.

The usual week

Even though every week will have a general layout, customizations will be made according to the group's wishes.

The general layout includes:

Day one - Sunday afternoon

Pick up from the airport or from an agreed location in Bucharest. Drive to camp. Refreshments and snacks will be provided.

The accommodations and facilities tour.

Get to know each other by the camp fire. Over dinner we talk about our expectations, wishes, our strengths, weaknesses, etc...


Day 2 - Monday

Breakfast plus coffee and tea

Chop and stack wood for the evening.

Get our bags ready and head out for a 10 km hike. 

Set-up camp in the forest and stay an overnight. We take guard shifts so everyone can get some proper hours of sleep and keep the fire burning. During camp we will practice diverse methods to build a fire, to build a temporary shelter, do's and don'ts while in the forest,  look for fire wood and discuss general notions about setting up a survival camp. Sleeping bags and blankets will be provided.

Day 3 - Tuesday

Breakfast by the fire

Close camp. Clean up place. 

Tour back to base camp. 

Pick up fishing gear and head out to the river. Every one has to participate. That evening we eat what we catch so, more hands-more food. Expect to walk on rocky wet terrain for the whole day.

Chop and stack wood for the evening.

Evening BBQ - grilling "the catch" and "testing" the local wine.

Discussions by the campfire in regard to first aid response and the importance to know and teach other about first aid interventions.  


Day 4 - Wednesday

Light breakfast, coffee and tea.

Chop and stack wood for the evening.

Running shoes on and we go for a long trail running. Please bring adapted footwear.

Afternoon - stretching exercises and a yoga session plus meditation time.

Evening  - lamb BBQ - and "testing" the local wines. An official sommelier and international wine tester will join us and will present a suite of local wines. He will answer questions related to proper wines, coffee and cured meats.

Day 5 - Thursday

Breakfast, coffee and tea.

Chop and stack wood for the evening and the next one.

Heavy weights training such as boulder carrying, logs rolling, water buckets, etc... about 4 hours with small breaks

Afternoon - A MMA champion and trainer will join us and we will roll all afternoon. Basic BJJ, basic strikes and kicks, basic MMA conditioning

Evening  - BBQ by the campfire


Day 6 - Friday

Wake up - 4.30 am

Breakfast, coffee and tea.

Assembly and drive to Sinaia.

Climb to the WW1 monument on top of Caraiman Mountain to an altitude of 2200+ meters. A day long event of moderate to intermediate level. Mountain boots are crucial so do not forget to bring them. It is not something that we can supply.

Evening - BBQ by the campfire. Campfire discussions - leadership and it's importance. What makes a good leader vs what makes a great leader. 

Day 7 - Saturday

Wake up - 6 am

Breakfast, coffee and tea.

Chop and stack wood for the evening and the next one.

Each group member is going to be the leader of the group for two hours. She/He can decide over the course of actions for those 2 hours. Each one will have a preparatory talk with me the day before so we can arrange for valid  possibilities. 

Evening - farewell party with campfire, BBQ ribs and of course, testing the local wines.


All food and refreshments  will be provided. Vegetarian and vegan nourishment is available. 

All blankets, sleeping bags, amenities will be provided

Please bring your own socks and footwear

Temperatures may vary between 0 Celsius to 40 Celsius.

Colorful Food

Healthy food

All the food we'll eat is going to be prepared by me or together and we will use only natural ingredients some of them cropped from our garden or bought on local bio-markets.

Grilled Meal


We take BBQ-ing very seriously. It is all naturally farmed animals butchered by local farmers. You will taste the difference.


Wine tasting

Every week an evening with an International Official Wine, Coffee and Cured Meats Taster. 

Vasile Ghimpu


Fishing trips

We can organize a day-long river fishing trip looking for the illusive trout or a day of carp fishing sitting in a chair actively relaxing.

Running Outdoors

Tough training

Next to our motto "Mens sana in corpore sano" we added a simple "NO PAIN - NO GAIN". You get the idea.


River swimming

Let the cool water glide along your body while you are trying to goo against the current. Good exercise and really - you will feel reborn


Beautiful Trails

Pick up you camera and lets go for a hike.

We might see a dear, wild hogs, birds and amazing landscapes/


Just chill

We will blend active times with complete chill so your body will have the time to relax and recover.

Self defense

Every day we will insert different defense techniques and practice them.


Every day we will have long stretching breaks so we can increase our flexibility and to prevent injuries.

Guided meditation

Every day we will have long meditation breaks so we can relax our bodies and minds.

Sitting by Campfire

Lifelong Memories

As it has been proven every time, moments that are out of the ordinary will create long lasting memories. Our goal is  that your stay with us will make you  happier.